About DKA

Get to know Dr Khairul Asyraf Mohd Nathir ( DKA)

Dr. Khairul Asyraf Mohd Nathir is a Senior Lecturer at the Programme of Arabic Language and Islamic Literature of Faculty of Major Language Studies at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. (USIM). He obtained his Ph.D from Department of Foreign Language of Faculty Modern Language and Communication at Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2019.

Throughout his academic career, he has developed his research interests in the areas of Quranic Rhetoric that related to Islamic Eschatology. His research related to a new concept for understanding the sign of judgement day that focuses more on chronology of judgment day mentioned by prophets pbuh through the hadith sahih. 

He has published and presented his research work in various journals and proceedings internationally and locally. He also has published a variety of newspapers articles that related to judgments day.